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Latency Period

  1. When's an Outage More than Just an Outage?

    This "demotion" tends to increase as the latency gets worse. The same goes for a site, either large or small, disappearing for a period of time. I've written before about how site speed and performance is a major factor to search engines such as...

  2. SEO Issues with Global Expansion

    Anything over one second is too slow, so try to keep your latency below 500 milliseconds for optimal coverage within Google. Another extremely important note: if you move a domain from one IP to another, you'll likely reset "filters" that may throw...

  3. When Top Keywords Suddenly Vanish

    Let's look at a few things you should check to make sure all things are working appropriately, including site latency due to overtaxed servers, poor server configuration, or changes to various elements of a site or marketing efforts.