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Late Friday

  1. The Client’s Guide to Publishing Infographics

    Also, it’s worth noting that the typical promotion “lifecycle” for an infographic lasts roughly a business week (Monday through Friday) before interest wanes. The final factor to consider here about when to publish is if your infographic concept is...

  2. How to Schedule Dayparting on Google AdWords

    Every day (except Monday and Friday) at 10:30am (weather permitting), Greg and Alison McBey entertain and educate dozens of visitors with their descriptions and demonstrations of the habits and flying skills of their birds of prey.

  3. iPhone Tops Web and Mobile Searches on Yahoo in 2011

    Who was more popular than Angry Birds, Tiger Mom, and Rebecca Black’s Friday? Friday” (Rebecca Black) Sarah Palin beat out the President Obama for the most searched politician slot, which is hardly surprising given that she starred in her own...