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Las Vegas

  1. 4 Reasons You Should Start Obsessing About AdWords Quality Score

    Anyone who's ever played the tables in Las Vegas knows that, ultimately, the house always wins. I've been meaning to respond since I read the piece, but hey – better late than never, right? I want to explain why you should, in fact, be obsessed...

  2. 3 PPC Power Plays: Monday Mornings, Luxury Hotels & Online Education

    Missing out: "Luxury Hotel Las Vegas" Plenty of changes have been made on both Google and Bing Ads in the last year as a result. With a long list distractions and optimization ideas let's focus on three simple tactics that can drive quick wins.

  3. Could Bing Ever Overtake Google in Search?

    During Matt Cutts' Keynote Address at Pubcon Las Vegas we learned about Google¹s "moonshot changes", which he broke down into these areas: Preface: I'm pissed at Google. I don't buy the "protect searchers privacy" deal as the reason for moving all...

  4. Matt Cutts on SEO, PageRank, Spam & the Future of Google Search at Pubcon Las Vegas

    in voice search will bring up the weather results for location for Las Vegas, Nevada. Matt Cutts kicked off day two at Pubcon with another of his signature keynotes, dispelling myths, talking about spammers and about Jason Calcanis’ keynote from...

  5. Bing Top Searches of 2012: Those Kardashian People, iPhone 5 & Beyonce’s Baby

    Los Angeles Outranks Las Vegas as Most Searched Destination in the World What most captured the interest of the American public this year? Kim Kardashian was the most searched person this year, and she didn’t even have a new sex tape out!

  6. The Bra Tree – A New Way Of Thinking About Evergreen Content

    A few hours south of Las Vegas, Christmas Tree Pass winds through rocky cliffs and fields of scrub brush, Yucca plants and wizened pinion pines and juniper trees. At the crest of the pass, there’s a cluster of evergreen bushes decorated by women’s...

  7. Focus on Who, What and How Before Crowdfunding Your Project

    Gagnon's journey started in August 2011 at a Las Vegas shoe show to do market research. Crowdfunding is a proven way to raise capital and go-to-market at the same time. But, don't launch a crowdfunding campaign without a clear strategy and agile...