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  1. Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing

    Spanish-speaking countries all have different forms and dialects of the Spanish language that they use, which is just one of the ways that they differ. While both appreciate being of Latin American descent (and they aren't rivals), both just have...

  2. The World Welcomes 2014 on Twitter, Reveals Usage Patterns

    I next analyzed how the term "Happy New Year" trended in other languages: Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic. The Spanish term spiked when Spain celebrated New Year's Eve and then again as midnight arrived in South America.

  3. 4 SEM Trends & Takeaways From Covario INFLECTIONPoint 2013

    Google searches are in Spanish. Language is changing, too. For search marketers in 2013, the message today at Covario’s INFLECTIONPoint conference was clear: know your audience, use all your channels, data still rules, and come up with innovative...

  4. Going Global: Insights for International Social Media

    ZF: Google Translate is a great tool for learning how to say “preposterous thinking” in Spanish – but as you might expect, it will often ignore simple verb conjugation, syntax, and grammar rules. Just because Luis from sales speaks Spanish doesn’t...

  5. Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show Tops Google Searches [Infographic]

    Spanish language was among the top trending queries. Eli Manning: Brady Searches Top Google, Yahoo But it was neither the Giants nor Patriots that people were searching for most last night on Google during the game.

  6. How to Launch an English Only Global Search Marketing Campaign

    Even though there are 1.3 billion speakers of Chinese and Spanish, English with 350 million speakers is still the most widely spoken language of business and international commerce. You might even find yourself ranking in English in a foreign...

  7. 5 Options for Choosing a Country, Region, or Language Selector

    In the U.S.some sites translate for the large Spanish speaking audience. Language Selector: A selector allowing the user to choose another language option for the website. For SEO purposes, using a language selector is typically OK as long as you...

  8. What Goodies Does Google+ Hold for International Search Marketers?

    This means you can create one Google+ profile page, and not only have separate Circles for employees, suppliers, and clients of all tiers with appropriate content going to each, but you can also create Circles for each group in each of your target...

  9. SEO Your Website For Foreign Languages in Your Domestic Market

    Twenty percent of the U.S.population (some 60 million people) speak a language other than English at home – the majority being native Spanish speakers. Let’s take the example of a Spanish-language website for the