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Land Rush

  1. Beyond Facebook: 5 Questions to Ask Before Jumping into a New Social Network

    But brands shouldn’t rush to create pages or advertise on every social network, even if the audience seems like a perfect fit. Having an outpost on myriad niche networks is great for SEO and making a web “land grab”, but to take full advantage of...

  2. 6 Tips for Using Promoted Tweets to Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

    But before you rush out and buy tons of Promoted Tweets, make sure you know Twitter 101 and have mastered the simple tips above. After you have the lay of the land on Twitter, you can then experiment with Promoted Tweets at the right times and with...

  3. Asian, Arabic and Russian Characters In Domains Soon: What Does It Mean

    No doubt there will be a stampede to register domains like the Oklahoma Land Rush of the the appropriatedly named "Unassigned Lands. ICANN announced it will start allowing domains to be registered using non-Latin characters (English etc.starting Nov.

  4. Mobile Search Discovers a New Path: mobilepeople

    Those that win the land rush currently underway will balance these in the most publisher-, advertiser-, and user-friendly ways. In a nutshell, these represent a move from local search as we know it online ("what" and "where") to mobility and...

  5. Search Headlines & Links: March 5, 2008

    But the rush to judgment was wrong, and there are other factors involved. Google Tests Additional Search Box Within Search Results, Search Engine Land SEO Site Audit: A Wise Investment For All Companies, Search Engine Land

  6. AOL Video To Launch New Video Portal

    What a Rush TV - Action-adventure favorites such as "Kung Fu," "La Femme Nikita," "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. TV Land – “Sit Down Comedy with David Steinberg,” hosted by legendary comedian, producer and director David Steinberg, is a one...