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  1. Actionable Insights You Can Find in Google Analytics Multi-Channel Reports

    Time Lag and Path Length You can use the Time Lag and Path Length reports to understand at what point you should retarget users and how much you should spend on reaching an already exposed visitor. By in large, longer consideration categories have...

  2. Top Online Retailers Lag in Mobile Experience [Study]

    With the holiday season fast approaching, and the mobile device playing a big role in the shopping experience, online retailers should put their mobile shopper front and center. You might think the big ecommerce brands already have that figured out...

  3. 20:20 Vision: 20 Brands Share Insights on 20 Topics – Earned Media, Search & Social

    Mobile conversions lag behind tablet and desktop: Tablet and desktop have nearly the same conversion rate. Jessica Lee from SEW explains in more detail in "Mobile Traffic Up 125% but Conversions Lag Behind Desktop [Study]".

  4. The Synergy & Benefits of Optimizing Content as You Write

    As Google makes the shift to focus on quality, relevancy, and content, it's essential that brands bridge this gap and time lag between authoring and optimizing content. Search and social media technologies have taken huge strides over the last few...

  5. How to Combine Your Online Marketing Technologies Effectively & Efficiently

    A single system also cuts down on potential points of failure or lag between disparate solutions as well as potential for delays or errors in one system creating problems downstream that then have to be fixed by multiple partners.

  6. Facebook Launches Premium, Mobile Ads; Offers; Real-Time Page Insights

    That four-day lag was reflected on, a site built by Facebook analytics firm Page Lever. Mike Hoefflinger, Facebook's customer marketing director, disclosed the metrics while announcing his company's premium ads...