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Lady Gaga

  1. Influential Twitter Accounts Indexed More in Google [Research]

    Lady Gaga Stone Temple Consulting put out findings of research it conducted on the indexation of tweets in Google. What it found was that indexation was low overall, but that influential Twitter accounts with specific types of tweets tended to be...

  2. Google & Yahoo Reveal the Most Searched For Halloween Costumes of 2013

    Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2010: Snooki, Lady Gaga & More Judging by recent searches, you aren't the only one. Both Google and Yahoo agree that Minion costumes – from the "Despicable Me" movies – are the top trending costumes of 2013.

  3. YouTube Investment in VEVO Would Strengthen its Top Position in Online Video Rankings

    The evening ended with exclusive live performances by Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. The deal would strengthen YouTube’s top position in the online video rankings. It would also represent a new phase in an already complex relationship.

  4.’s Top Question of 2012: Will Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Get Back Together?

    On a sad note, it seems's year end compilation now filters out some of the most fun and humorous questions they used to include a couple years ago – or perhaps people have finally figured out how to get pregnant without the help of search...

  5. Bing Top Searches of 2012: Those Kardashian People, iPhone 5 & Beyonce’s Baby

    A few celebs fell off the list entirely in 2012, including Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Megan Fox and Lady Gaga. Bing has announced the top searches in 2012 across a variety of categories, including people, sports stars, news, reality TV and more.

  6. Ask's Top Question in 2011: Was Kim Kardashian's Wedding Fake?

    Lady Gaga: Are Lady Gaga's face implants real? From Kim Kardashian’s fairy-tale-wedding-72-day-marriage-ugly-split whirlwind romance to Lady Gaga’s facial implants, here are the celebrity questions most on the minds of Americans this year:

  7. Top Bing Searches in 2011: Bieber, Kardashian & Royal Wedding

    Lady Gaga Surely there was more going in 2011 than Beiber Fever and Gaga’s Monsters stalking her every move online. Bing has released a list of the top searches in 2011. Bing's recap, while far more comprehensive than the 2010 edition, mainly...

  8. Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2011: Angry Birds, Black Swan, and Sexy Superheroes

    Other adult costumes in the top 10: Green Lantern, Where’s Waldo, The Simpsons' Duffman, Sexy Queen Bee, Tron Legacy, Angry Birds, Jersey Shore, Lady Gaga, and Sexy Pirate. Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are dead even in the race for most searched pop...

  9. StumbleUpon Starts Exploring, Looking More Like Search

    The good news is there are hundreds of thousands of those, ranging all the way from travel, to Dungeons and Dragons, to Lady Gaga. The StumbleUpon random website browser has become a popular way to explore the web, having won more than 15 million...