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  1. How to Launch an English Only Global Search Marketing Campaign

    The majority of English speakers are actually not American, so “colour” is “color”, “labour” is “labor” and so on. In other words: don’t skimp out on localization and translation. Several businesses would like to implement search marketing abroad...

  2. Search Marketing Thought-Leadership Recap, May 2010

    Labour's View: The Word-of-Mouth Election by Mark Hanson Labour's View: Motivate and Mobilise -- the New Media Strategy by Mark Hanson May was a huge month for us in the SEW boardroom, with Liva Judic joining us as news blogger, many debuts from...

  3. Search & Social Media in the Dutch Elections, Part 1: Twitter

    Mark Hanson's Labour Columns The Dutch Labour leader, for example, answered none of 245 questions received, and the Dutch right wing leader Geert Wilders of the PVV only answered one of 378 questions asked via Twitter.

  4. UK Election 2010: Personal Democracy Forum (#pdfge2010) Action Replay

    Mark Hanson, Labour's new media strategist and former associate editor of, wangled me an invitation to a formal review of how digital media innovations had changed UK Election 2010. From the UK, speakers included Stella Creasy...

  5. UK Election 2010: Lessons Learned from Watching First Social Media Battle of Britain

    Oh, and The Independent (and The Independent on Sunday) advocated tactical voting to maximize the chance of a Liberal Democrat - Labour coalition, in order to make electoral reform a possibility. Tactical voting for Labour remains a realistic option.

  6. UK Election 2010: For Want of a Nail, the Shoe was Lost

    But Labour's early YouTube videos featured Tony Blair, a unnamed man on "The Road Ahead," animated manifesto films, and Eddie Izzard. With less than a week to go, some commentators on the UK Election 2010 are asking, "This was meant to be the...

  7. UK Election 2010: What's So Bad About a Hung Parliament?

    UK Labour's Twitter followers barely moved from 14,693 to 15,371. Labour and Liberal Democrats are tied with 28.0 percent, roughly were they were a week earlier. The Labour Party's Facebook fans increased from 24,205 to 29,852 in the past week.

  8. UK Election 2010: Have We Just Experienced the First Real 'Twitter Moment'?‏

    At the same time, the Conservatives have dropped from 38.00 percent to 32.50 percent, and Labour has dropped from 31.17 percent to 26.88 percent. Well, colleagues on both sides of the pond have noticed that #nickcleggsfault is a trending topic on...