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  1. SEO for Startups & New Businesses: An 11 Step Plan

    will become active on Google+ and other key social graph and authority platforms like LinkedIn to champion your brand, create content, and get connected to other authoritative people. Metadata Open Graph, Twitter Card, Google-specific (Authorship...

  2. Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge

    SEO is also about the knowledge graph. Answer: It depends on knowledge of the guest author. The search and social media industries are inundated with many myths, misconceptions, and mistaken beliefs. But Search Engine Watch readers, don't fall for...

  3. Local SEO & Listing Management: A Blueprint for Multi-Location Brand Success

    Google continues to make this increasingly so, with local branded and non-branded terms playing an ever greater role in search results, thanks to the Knowledge Graph and Local Carousel. A strong local search presence and visibility has always been...

  4. Google Search Results Add Details About Notable Websites

    The information Google displays is actually information coming from Google’s Knowledge Graph. Google is also planning to expand this program and the Knowledge Graph. Google has announced a change that lets searchers find a little bit more...

  5. Google SERPs Updates: In-Depth Articles & Knowledge Graph Results for Car Shoppers

    To search for a vehicle, simply type in the year and vehicle name – the Knowledge Graph will appear on the right-hand side. Google Adds Car Shopping Results to Knowledge Graph The second change is the addition of vehicles to Google's Knowledge Graph.

  6. SEO in 2014: How to Prepare for Google's 2014 Algorithm Updates

    Some underlying changes that happened with Hummingbird, including the increasing importance of both semantic search and Knowledge Graph, will continue to grow in influence. Are we active on the social networks that matter to the search engines?

  7. Why Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Isn't for the Birds

    With better meaning and context of understanding, I believe Google is connecting, via their Knowledge Graph, Larry Bird the basketball player with the context of the team he's most famous for, and the product that matches the shirt number he wore.

  8. 4 Google Changes and How Online Merchants Can Adapt

    The arrival of Google's newest algorithm, Hummingbird, is designed to refine search results and Google's search Knowledge Graph. Google updates its search algorithm more than 500 times a year. Here are three ways online merchants or advertisers can...

  9. Could Bing Ever Overtake Google in Search?

    Taking away the keyword referral data from website owners was one big step, and depending on the Knowledge Graph more to populate search results is another big step. Knowledge Graph If Bing were to lead the search engine market share over Google...

  10. Matt Cutts on SEO, PageRank, Spam & the Future of Google Search at Pubcon Las Vegas

    Knowledge graph He explained that voice search is changing the types of search queries people use, but also that it can be refined without repeating previous parts of the user’s search queries. Google on Mobile Search Results

  11. Metadata & You: Best Practices, Benefits & Implementation Made Easy

    It may also get your Google+ brand assets to appear on the right rail Knowledge Graph area of Google for branded queries. Open Graph tags can be used to specify how a piece of content will look when shared on Facebook, and can be a signal to search...