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Keyword Lists Buckets

  1. Remarketing Across Ad Exchanges With DoubleClick Search

    Consider grouping your keywords into buckets like, "high-intent," "medium-intent," and "information-seeking. Group similar users together into multiple remarketing lists derived from a basic structure (e.g.category, brand, product).

  2. Google Display Network Exclusion Tactics: Don’t Drink from the Fire Hose

    These exclusion methods fall within two buckets: behavioral and demographic. Behavioral exclusions such as placements and remarketing lists are much more effective than demographic exclusions. Many people utilize their Remarketing lists for...

  3. Google & Ecommerce: 10 Things Business Owners Need to Know Before July

    PLAs are similar to CSEs where merchants can bid on products, categories, and modify bids based on product buckets and similar metrics. BUT to do this, merchants will need to identify and refine those lists through the Google Shopping feed (by...

  4. Search is Search: Paid and Organic Search Synergies

    Starting with keyword lists and segmentation, your paid and organic specialists should work together to develop personas and review the keyword buckets. Though it seems like a no-brainer, many agencies don't share their lists with each other.

  5. SearchDay: Press Releases and Search Engine Optimization

    More Killer Keyword Techniques: Personas and Buckets PROFITABLE PPC Learn how to use personas and bucket lists to create huge killer keyword lists like the pros. Today's Top Story MarkJackson Press Releases and Search Engine Optimization AU...

  6. PPC Keyword Sets: Words to the Wise

    Keyword Buckets When we do keyword brainstorming and research, we often arrange related keywords in categories or "buckets. The keyword list assembly process starts with defining our businesses customer personas, and then putting words related to...