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Keyword Ad Campaign Google Adwords 101

  1. PPC Bid Management 101

    A common strategy is bidding for the top keyword or ad position. As with most of Google's tools, it's free if you are using AdWords. Many times the cost, implementation and complexity of the campaign is too high to justify, given the results.

  2. Setting up PPC Campaigns 101, Part 2

    Upload your campaign back into Google AdWords so you can create more ads for each group you just created. Google recently provided a free offline tool, AdWords Editor, that allows you to download your campaign, make all the changes you want, then...

  3. Search Ad Quality Score 101, Part 2

    As you've probably figured out, this helps bridge the ad campaign to your site. SEO helps to make sure there is continuity between your ad campaign and your site, not to mention SEO has a lot of value in and of itself.

  4. SearchDay | Universal Search Should Be a Plus

    Today, Google launched AdWords options that will be visible on the iPhone and G1. Google AdWords Launches iPhone and G1 Options (Plus Mobile Marketing Tips from SES! Posted by Nathania Johnson Dec 8, 2008 Want to bid on mobile searches via AdWords?