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Kevin Ryan

  1. Search Marketing Thought-Leadership Recap, May 2010

    Ryan DeShazer Steps to B2B SEO Accountability by Ryan DeShazer How to be a Social Media Medic by Kevin Gibbons How to Collect Data Without Alienating Clients by Kevin Gibbons We're very privileged to have the writers listed below join us to...

  2. Shoemoney Must Have Taken Hit To Head: SES Blog Post Seems Petty and Wrong

    Kevin Ryan is no longer involved with the conference. But it seems now he is writing about how the conference is no longer effective. Jeremy is now doing well and may no longer need to attend this conference - Elite Retreat and other smaller...

  3. Build a Better Cesspool

    Welcome to the cesspool of online publishing and search. This down and dirty scene reveals two armies mounting the ongoing battle to stake claim to online content. Traditional media troops pitted against the burgeoning voice of populace publishing...

  4. Fear the Google

    At one time or another, every company reaches a point where brand love turns to brand disdain. Several years ago, I remember a certain "South Park" character positioning Google in a negative light. I'm sure the exact day or time when exuberance...

  5. Do You Track Searcharoundings?

    Over the years, I've written Searching for Meaning in some very strange places. Like any other diehard committed to earning that extra dollar (literally, in some instances) for writing, I've got the usual article written in an airport lounge, from...

  6. Trademark: The Next Generation

    It's a crazy mixed-up world out there. We stand on the precipice of disaster in regulating just about everything that can or will be controlled. We live in a litigious society that demands and confuses satisfaction with justice.

  7. The Search World's All A-Twitter

    When Twitter launched, it was dubbed the micro-blogging platform of the future. Two minutes later, and you're up and running. Overnight, Twitter could dispel running erroneous data points about the millions of bloggers out there.

  8. What Should You Do When You Get Canned?

    Seasons change, time passes. People change. Goals change. Objective alignments change. Technology changes. The entire country is drunk on the concept of change. For a whole lot of reasons, and at one time or another, everyone has gotten the axe.

  9. The End of the Beginning

    New search, old search, revamped search, universal search, three dimensional search, Live search, Kumo search, optimized search, paid search, natural search. As the world economic conditions continue heading south, the search world continues...