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Kevin Rose

  1. Google Buys Facebook Marketing Company Wildfire

    Google also scooped up Digg founder Kevin Rose and his team from Milk, an app iteration experimentation company, earlier this year. Google yesterday announced the acquisition of Wildfire, best-known as a Facebook contest and social media marketing...

  2. Top 10 Most Significant Search & Social Marketing Stories of 2011

    There have been countless theories as to why Digg failed, from the unpopular changes made to the UI, Digg’s attempt at democratizing the front page by limiting power users’ influence, to its founder, Kevin Rose resigning… The reality is these all...

  3. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Founder Kevin Rose was on the cover of BusinessWeek. We started our own Big Dance with 16, but now the Final Four is starting to come into focus, thanks to all of you who have voted for your favorite social media sites.

  4. Social Media Madness -- The Sweet 16, Part 2

    Founder Kevin Rose was on the cover of BusinessWeek. Is it Facebook? Twitter? Or is it a "Cinderella Player" like Livemocha? We're down to the Sweet 16. Last time, we discussed Region 1. This week, we'll review the Region 1 winners and losers and...