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Kevin Johnson

  1. SEMPO Names New Board of Directors

    Kevin Lee - CEO, Didit One of our own makes the cut. Congratulations to our very own Mike Grehan who has been named to the 2010-2012 SEMPO Board of Directors. The term for this board, which is insanely light on females (where my ladies at?

  2. SearchDay | Putting the 'Search' in Research

    and Author of 'Peanut Butter Manifesto' Brad Garlinghouse Heads to AOL Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 8, 2009 In 2006, Brad Garlinghouse made waves at Yahoo! Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 8, 2009 So much for hoping that Italian regulators would...

  3. SearchDay | Do Teens Tweet?

    Contributes to Development of Semantic Tagging Format Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 16, 2009 If you've ever used tagging to bookmark or organize content, you know that there can be many different tags associated with a variety of terms and topics.