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  1. Google to Pay $8.5 Million to Settle Search Query Privacy Case

    MediaPost reported the recipients of the $8.5 million settlement would include the World Privacy Forum; Chicago-Kent's Center for Information, Society, and Policy; Harvard Law's Berkman Center for Internet and Society; and Stanford Law's Center...

  2. Another Loss for Viacom in Endless YouTube Copyright Legal Battle

    In a blog post, Google SVP and general counsel Kent Walker said that billions of people will benefit from the decision. Google-owned video-sharing site YouTube has handed Viacom yet another loss in the latest round of a copyright infringement court...

  3. Google Sued by Germany’s Former First Lady for Prostitution-Related Search Suggestions

    Kent Walker, a Google lawyer, wrote in a 2010 statement on the Google Public Policy blog, “.along with this new wave of creators come some bad apples who use the Internet to infringe copyright. Google is facing another lawsuit over their...

  4. Judge Orders ALL Search Engines, Social Networks to De-index Seized Websites

    In a November 14 order, Kent J. A Nevada District Court case has ruled in favor of Chanel, allowing the company to take down over 800 domain names that sell counterfeit products. The ruling also mandated that Google and others de-index the suspect...

  5. YouTube Wins Case Against Viacom

    Kent Walker, Vice President and General Counsel of Google, said on the Official YouTube Blog, "This is an important victory not just for us, but also for the billions of people around the world who use the web to communicate and share experiences...

  6. Using Search to Find Missing Persons: Scratching the Surface

    Vernon Kent Jones, 24 -- known as Cameron to his friends -- left a New Year's Eve party in New York City. He has since gathered print and digital assets -- photos, videos, and age progression art -- to place on

  7. Social Networking on Mobile Phones is Hot in the UK

    Kent Ferguson, Client Services Manager, Nielsen Mobile had this to say about the data: “Social networking is already a global phenomenon, and mobile could be the next big thing in the space. Nielsen has released data showing the popularity of...

  8. Read Any Good SEO Books Lately? Try These

    Peter Kent delivers a clear, simple approach to learning the fundamentals of SEO. Unfortunately, I have to tell them that there's no such thing. Many search marketing books will offer some good insights and tips, but you're really going to learn...

  9. Top ten stories from SES New York – Day 4

    Andrey Milyan of Search Marketing Standard summarizes the 16 sessions that his The SES conference in New York has begun and our correspondent, Kent Lewis, is on the scene, bringing you the latest from one of the biggest events of the year.

  10. Top ten stories from SES New York – Day 3

    Kent Lewis of Search Marketing Standard says, “Wednesday morning at SES kicked off with a keynote by Gordon McLeod from Wall Street Journal Digital Network entitled “Search Has Changed Everything…And So Can You.

  11. The New York Public Library and Announce New Homework Service

    Services that aren't used tend to go brings together a wide range of information in one easy-to-use site," said Susan Kent, Director and Chief Executive of The Branch Libraries, The New York Public Library.

  12. Why Quality Content is Key For Search Engines

    Kent detailed how he undertook the following steps in creating the content: Kent Lewis of Anvil Media kicked off the panel by presenting a case study of content creation for Kent also shared some of the challenges he faced in creating...