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  1. Conflict of interest: banks call for unity on Eonia

    While most market participants are keen to clarify that negative rates apply to variation margin interest payments for uncleared trades, the loudest parties have been the large dealers. Three different banks, three different answers: yes, says one...

  2. CVA hedge losses prompt focus on swaptions and guarantees

    The senior CVA trader at the third European bank, however, says a number of non-bank entities – hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds, for example – are keen to invest in business that has become capital-intensive for banks, including...

  3. Japan FSA: cross-border recognition process too slow

    Despite the issues surrounding implementing the current proposals for OTC derivative clearing and its attendant reporting infrastructure, Swinburne was keen to expand the remit to include other asset classes, with debt markets the most obvious...

  4. LNG market participants shun Japanese forwards

    Japan’s government is keen to see an end to the ‘Asia premium’ – the relatively high prices that Asian buyers pay for gas compared with their counterparts elsewhere. Contract hit by lack of interest and fears over pricing methodology

  5. Google Panda and the High Risk of Using Aggressive or Deceptive Advertising

    So, when conducting Panda audits, I keep a keen eye on factors that can negatively impact engagement, present obstacles for users, and create virtual bamboo. In my previous posts about Panda, I’ve hammered one important point over and over again.

  6. JSCC to gain DCO status from US regulator before year-end

    From the tone of the meetings the CFTC is keen to get this through," says the source. Japanese clearing house will soon be able to clear for US clients The Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC) is poised to become the second Asia clearing...

  7. SEO, Demand Generation & Content Marketing: 5 Takeaways From Joe Pulizzi

    I was keen to get Pulizzi's thoughts on the topic: Pulizzi was also keen to offer some practical tips for approaching media outlets in your industry. That's according to Joe Pulizzi, who is one of the leading thought leaders behind the content...