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  1. Search for "Winter Storm" in Google News and See YouTube Video from WNYC Radio

    A release e-mailed with a jpg or tif file has a much better chance of making it into our newspaper," said Tom Wharton, writer for the Salt Lake City Tribune. Like many of my neighbors in the Northeast, I'm hunkered down at home today because of the...

  2. The Big Picture -- Well-Rounded SEM for SMBs, Part 2

    Irrelevant file names -- 294883.jpg doesn't tell a user or a search engine what's in the photo; bluewidgetpic.jpg does. Supportive content on the page -- is your image and its respective file name/alt tag text supported by the content on your site?

  3. Optimizing Images for Search Engines

    Thurow advises saving photos as JPG files, and other graphic image types as GIFs "Search engines are going to interpret a GIF as a standard graphic image with 256 colors," Thurow said, "and JPGs as photos (because photos have millions of colors...