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  1. The Times of London to Begin Charging Readers for Using its Web Site in June

    Is Rupert Murdoch, the chairman and chief executive of News Corp.crazy like a fox, or is he about to turn the best selling Sunday broadsheet in Britain into a newsletter? News Corp unveils pay-wall details for The Times online (

  2. Editor & Publisher Magazine Shutting Down After 108 Years

    But it appears that Rupert Murdoch is trying to shift the blame for News Corp's inability to adapt fast enough to the new "link economy" by stirring up what Jarvis calls "Google bigotry. These are not the best of times for print media and they are...

  3. Microsoft-News Corp. Talks: A Marriage Made in Hell?

    Two weeks ago, I commented on Rupert Murdoch's threat that News Corp.was thinking of blocking Google from being able to search its Web sites: "Murdoch to Google: Drop Dead. Now it appears that Microsoft and News Corp.are talking about a deal that...

  4. Rupert: Pass the Media Giant on to Younger Minds

    Murdoch announced this week that he wants all of News Corp.s online news content to embrace the paid model. He built them into the global media platform that News today. The portfolio of current and potential content News Corp.owns is as...

  5. SearchDay | Landing Pages and the Decision-Making Process

    Internet searches last month while Microsoft Corp.lost market share, according to researcher ComScore Inc. Motorola Betting Big On Googles Android Posted by Frank Watson Oct 29, 2008 Despite cutting 10,000 jobs, Motorola is betting big on Google's...

  6. Newspapers Bleed Red Ink: Death by Internet

    News Corp Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch Murdoch, owner of The Wall Street Journal, doesn't have such a bleak outlook: It gives a huge opportunity for the Wall Street Journal. I don't care what platform our news appears on.

  7. IAC to Launch a Flurry of Niche Sites

    FiLife, currently a personal finance blog, will revamped as part of a partnership with News Corp.s Dow Jones & Co.which publishes the Wall Street Journal. According to the Wall Street Journal, will be developed into a virtual world for...