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  1. SearchDay | Post-Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas

    A Look Back, and a New Beginning SEM.EDU Ron Jones looks back at some highlights from his columns, and looks forward to a new column covering all aspects of SEM, search advertising, and social media from a beginner's point of view: SEM 101.

  2. A Look Back, and a New Beginning in Review As a result, this will be that last article for for a while. I may post a new article from time to time, but I'll focus my energies on SEM 101 for the most part. If you'd like me to cover a certain topic in either...

  3. SEW Experts: Using Twitter as an Education Tool

    In today's column, "Using Twitter as an Education Tool," Ron Jones outlines a few examples of professors and teachers using Twitter in their lesson plans. Innovations are popping up everywhere as educators find more uses for Twitter and...

  4. SEW Experts: Leveraging Social Media to Educate

    In today's column, "Leveraging Social Media to Educate," Ron Jones explores the basics of social media, and tells you how to get started using it to help spread that awareness you seek. There's been lots of hype about social media lately.

  5. SEW Experts: The Future of SEM Education

    In today's column, "The Future of SEM Education," Ron Jones shows how it also highlights the ongoing importance of search education. Online advertising continues to grow in both good times and bad.

  6. College and Career Points

    When last we met, we discussed the options -- or lack thereof -- for formalized SEM education. Basically, because accredited institutions generally have a rigorous process attached to the curriculum creation, a fairly new -- by academic standards...

  7. SEW Experts: College and Career Points

    In today's column, " College and Career Points," Ron Jones shares some letters from readers who have come across a few programs that may not be on your radar. Though few and far between, there are opportunities to learn search...

  8. SEM Going Legit – Literally EDU

    After digging through some research and sources, we found that while SEM or SEO is an up-and-coming topic and a hot-button for savvy college students, the colleges and universities don't have it so easy.

  9. SEW Experts: SEM Going Legit – Literally EDU

    In today's SEM.EDU column, "SEM Going Legit – Literally EDU," Ron Jones outlines some of the existing college-level courses for SEM training. Many newcomers are looking for some kind of accredited SEM course.

  10. Advancing your Search Education in SEO Forums

    Our search engine optimization (SEO) resources have guided you through book form, a seminar or workshop, and digging through the basics on your own. High Rankings Forum also focuses on all things SEO, from techniques to research to industry...

  11. SEO Training: Live and In-Person

    Let me know and maybe we'll feature them in an upcoming column. SES workshops led by industry experts cover a range of in-depth SEM topics. In addition, SEM (define) training is offered in select cities such as Denver.