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  1.'s 6Sense Technology Fuels Innovation in Job Search

    I compared that to HotJobs, which not only made me sign into my Yahoo! There was a nice list of 12 jobs to sift through. but returned listings for IT jobs, which weren't relevant. I hear from our customers that their businesses have jobs that they...

  2. Yahoo!'s Hot Jobs to Offer Performance-Based Recruitment Solution

    Job search site HotJobs, which is owned by Yahoo! HotJobs. HotJobs sees 16 million unique visitors a month via their site, the Yahoo! has announced a new performance-based offering for recruiters. Human resources professionals will now be able to...

  3. Yahoo Gets REAL About Job Searches

    HotJobs has a distinct advantage as online recruitment evolves and insights and technology play increasingly important roles. HotJobs. HotJobs' job search rankings beyond the traditional category-based, date-sorted experience.