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Job Satisfaction

  1. Bing Hero Ads Turn Ads Into Landing Pages on Windows 8.1

    Specifically, they want to test how consumer satisfaction changes with hero ads. The ads do look like high level landing pages, but when asked why Bing doesn't simply send users directly to the Land Rover landing page instead, Melissa Mackey of...

  2. Beyond the Click: What Shoppers Need Now - SES San Francisco

    Use customer satisfaction surveys (like ForeSee) to make sure you are doing a good job We're approaching the end of Day 2 here at SES San Francisco, and it's almost time to don your hat for tonight's Black Hat, White Hat event.

  3. Universal Thoughts on Local Search

    Instant customer satisfaction means that local is now big business. So for example, let's say you really love Starbucks but your job includes a great deal of travel. Web sites come to them. This is, perhaps, the best way to explain the impact of...