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  1. Google Ventures Quietly Invests in Collaborative Toolset for Scientists

    These exact same job openings were posted to the Wingu job board. The investment was confirmed when Google discussed four job opportunities that one of its "portfolio companies" was offering. Wingu, a cloud-based collaboration system designed to...

  2. Year Of Rabbit Proving Big Real Time Search Ad Play

    Job openings in China is a clever fit, and a restaurant coupon tie in that uses social and coupons goes the extra mile, but the lantern sale and skin lotion pitch was a real reach. Amid the warm wishes for the Chinese New Year, there are a lot of...

  3. News Picks: More Instant Fallout, for Sale, Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn All See Growth

    Facebook has added the Singapore office to its Careers Page location listings, and currently has a number of openings that suggest further expansion. YouTube CEO Offers "YouTube Instant" Creator a Job via Twitter - Mashable

  4. Yahoo Gets REAL About Job Searches

    HotJobs' best practices, we've not only expanded our candidate pool but we're seeing matches with high-quality candidates that are far more relevant to our job openings. In an effort to improve access to job seekers and assist recruiters, Yahoo...

  5. Google Adding More Jobs Than Yahoo

    Yahoo has 800 openings this year, but they have declined from last year, with 935 job openings. Google is also higher a higher percentage of employees overseas, with 51% of their job openings based outside of the U.S.

  6. Google Hiring Google Audio Employees

    Garett lists the job openings as Customer Support Technician, Senior Sales Technical Support, Provisioning Manager, Media Account Manager, Business Analyst, Account Executive. Garett Rogers reports that Google has posted several jobs openings...