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  1. On International Women's Day, Marketers Share Challenges & Reasons to Celebrate

    I remember attending my first few SEO conferences and listening to women like Anne Kennedy, Christine Churchill, Jill Whalen, and Dana Todd school the men on SEO. Many women are helping to shape the marketing world by sharing their insights and...

  2. SearchDay | The Search World's All A-Twitter

    Posted by Greg Jarboe Apr 1, 2009 Although I conducted this interview with Jill Whalen, the CEO of HighRankings, in February at SES London 2009, I've been saving it for April Fool's Day. Today's Top Story:

  3. Is Your IT Department the Department of SEO Prevention?

    Although I conducted this interview with Jill Whalen, the CEO of HighRankings, in February at SES London 2009, I've been saving it for April Fool's Day. Jill Whalen, HighRankings, on building better relationships between marketing and IT

  4. SEO is Alive and Well and Looking for a Fight at SES London

    Because, damn it, it means you need to attend SES London 2009 to hear what Brett Tabke, founder of WebmasterWorld, Rand Fishkin, founder of, Chris Sherman, Executive Editor of Search Engine Land, Jill Whalen, founder of

  5. SEO copywriting tips from Jill Whalen of High Rankings

    And one of the SEO experts speaking at that search engine conference was Jill Whalen, the CEO of High Rankings. Copywriting: High Rankings Jill Whalen Six-and-a-half-years ago, Jill spoke at a session entitled, “Writing for Search Engines.

  6. SEO Is Not a One-Time Fix

    Content advocates, like Jill Whalen, would probably agree that 20 pages probably isn't enough to prove value and authority of any subject, especially if there's any sort of competition for the keywords specific to the subject.

  7. Two dozen search blogs buzzing about SEM conference

    SES Toronto 2008: Interview with Jill Whalen on SEO Donts, Myths, and Scams If fact, the buzz in Canada has been louder this year than the one coming from the periodical cicadas that emerge every 17 years from underground haunts on Cape Cod.

  8. Do We Need Educational Standards For Learning SEO?

    Meanwhile, Jill Whalen argues for the other side of the coin. Back in February, SEW Expert Chris Boggs kicked off the discussion in a call to standardization where he proposed the need for a clean glossary of definitions with an assigned risk...

  9. SEO Standards Signal the Maturing of Our Industry

    At Search Engine Land, veteran SEO Jill Whalen argues that standards are not necessary, since her SEO tactics have been adopted by "tens of thousands of people," and that she never needed to set any standards.

  10. Small Business SEM Takeaways from SES NY

    A question about domains and hosting when marketing internationally came up on Day 1 during the Organic Listings Forum – featuring Mike Grehan, Greg Boser, Dave Naylor, and Jill Whalen. I attended SES New York a few weeks ago – and although I went...

  11. Standards Is A Dirty Word For Search Marketers

    In the past week Jill Whalen of High Rankings outlined why we should not or cannot standardize search marketing, stating "Industry market forces and the search engines themselves will eventually dictate what best practices are and are not.

  12. Top ten stories from SES New York – Day 1

    Lee says, “Organic Listings Forum with Mike Grehan moderating and Jill Whalen, Dave Naylor and Greg Boser on the panel. If you want a comprehensive list, Matt McGowan, the Global Vice President of Marketing for Incisive Media, will be posting one...

  13. SEO Training: Live and In-Person

    Jill Whalen, CEO of High Rankings, is the instructor for these beginner-to-intermediate SEO-only classes. Skip class and no one would hardly know you were gone. Contrast that to a class where you're only one of 10 people.