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  1. Google Palestine: Is Google Taking Sides?

    Google Maps currently shows little or no detail for major Palestinian towns such as Nablus and Ramallah, while many Jewish West Bank settlements have streets and parks clearly labeled. Google has placed itself smack dab in the middle of a...

  2. How to Launch an English Only Global Search Marketing Campaign

    For example, the Indian community in France or the Jewish community in Australia. All of us in international search will tell you that if you want to go international, then you’ll have to be international.

  3. Argentina Court: Google Must Censor Anti-Semitic Search Results, Suggestions

    Google must stop suggesting searches that lead users to anti-Semitic websites and scrub its search results pages of 76 "highly discriminatory" sites now that a judge has granted a request by Jewish community organization DAIA in Argentina.

  4. Google Social 'Layers', Google Fires Teen Stalker, Facebook/Microsoft Search Deal Rumor & More Search News

    A sampling of search results from religious search engines, including I'mHalal (Islam), SeekFind (Christian), and Jewogle (Jewish). Google will begin adding "layers" of social networking features starting this fall, rather than unveiling a flashy...

  5. Does Google Allow Good Google Bombs?

    Several Jewish and anti-defamation groups joined together in a coordinated Google bombing campaign to push that result down in the SERPs, and the results of that bomb can still be seen today. To some, it appears that Google has painted itself into...

  6. Google In Controversy Over Top-Ranking For Anti-Jewish Site

    The Jewish Journal (and perhaps other sources) wrote about the query back in March, but the story picked up wider attention in April. Google has added a disclaimer to the search results that come up in a response for a search on jew, to counter...