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Jew Watch

  1. Argentina Court: Google Must Censor Anti-Semitic Search Results, Suggestions

    The most famous case is the Google search for [jew], which brings up Jew Watch as a top three result. Google must stop suggesting searches that lead users to anti-Semitic websites and scrub its search results pages of 76 "highly discriminatory...

  2. Does Google Allow Good Google Bombs?

    One highly-charged example is the case of Jew Watch News, an anti-semitic hate site that managed to get top ranking for the query "Jew. In today's SearchDay, "Google Bombs, Jew Watch News & the Hypocritical Linking Universe," Marty Weintraub looks...

  3. Google IPO To Happen, Files For Public Offering

    The company even addresses the issue of privacy concerns about its Gmail system or the controversy over anti-Semitic site ranking at the top of its results for the word "jew" might hurt its brand. Below, Search Engine Watch provides a highlight of...

  4. Google In Controversy Over Top-Ranking For Anti-Jewish Site

    NOTE: An earlier edition of this story filed on April 23 noted that the Jew Watch site had been removed from listings at Yet in this case, Google reports that only 55 sites actually link to Jew Watch.