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Jeff Black

  1. Local Online Business Listing Hijacking: Protecting Your Identity

    Many of their dubious hijacking methods can be compared to black hat SEO techniques. Many businesses, local search platforms, and social networks suffer from listings hijackers. Usually, listings hijackers are individuals that attempt to tamper...

  2. SEO's Achilles' Heel: The Misdirected Attack on Search Engine Optimizers

    Others will blame the black hat SEOs for tempting law abiding companies to the dark side with promises of higher rankings and free traffic. So, you do a little more.then a little more.and so on and so forth until one Saturday morning in February...

  3. Wear Your Cross Training Shoes to Connected Marketing Week

    Participating events include: ClickZ's BlogworkZ; the Email Experience Council's Email Marketer's Toolkit For Success; Bruce Clay's Search Engine Optimization Training; the Connected Marketing Meet WebmasterRadio.FM's SearchBash; the Email...

  4. Why Pro & Twitter Contributors is great news for large publishers

    As i write, I am struggling to contain my enthusiasm for both Twitter and, more so, for what Jeff Jarvis would simply call their good manners to "be part of the web". As David Weinberger said of online documents and Jeff Jarvis says in this...

  5. Ten Top Stories from SES Chicago 2008 for Day 1

    Jeff Woelker is attending SES and will be live blogging the conference. Dave Naylor, more commonly known as DaveN, is speaking at two sessions at SES Chicago: SEO Tools on Tuesday and Black Hat, White Hat & the Best Kept Secrets to Search on Thursday.

  6. Social Media = Society's Watchdog

    There's also the famous Jeff Jarvis blog post about Dell's inadequate customer service. The 20-something now thinks twice about getting so drunk that they black out and can't remember how they wound up in the hammock of a stranger's back yard.