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  1. Google Analytics Adds Mobile Capabilities to Tag Manager

    Last year, Google introduced Tag Manager to help you sort out the multitudes of JavaScript code snippets that are required for all your widgets and plug-ins. On the next screen, select a name for the new account and tag container and choose "Mobile...

  2. 5 New Website Vulnerabilities Straight from Black Hat & DEF CON

    See if you can pull in a simple hello world JavaScript file into an ad on your site or run the JavaScript in the ad itself. Most of the advertising networks, even the biggest, let either JavaScript or JavaScript source files to be downloaded into...

  3. Website Launch Checklist: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live

    Web developers know the inner workings of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and how browsers handle those languages. This is a technique that combines and compresses website code into smaller chunks to speed up your site.

  4. SEO in the Age of Apps: Diversifying Your Mobile SEO Strategy

    Crawlability Obstacles: Code the website free from obstacles such as Flash and excessive or obtrusive JavaScript. The increasing adoption of responsive design is paving an easier path for mobile SEO within browsers; it's not always the ultimate...

  5. Landing Page Optimization: How to Identify Testing Opportunities

    This issue is that unless you can get your JavaScript code on their page, you can't really test on it. Almost all the tools out there require you to put some type of JavaScript on the page. You'll need to code all of the pages included in the tests.