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Jack Dorsey

  1. Mark Zuckerberg Now Richer Than Larry Page & Sergey Brin on Forbes 400

    Also appearing on the list: Jack Dorsey, Twitter (5th); Dick Costolo, Twitter (11th); Hoffman (18th); Robin Li, Baidu (25th); Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook (26th); and Dennis Crowley, Foursquare (45th). Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rocketed past Google...

  2. Twitter Popularity Higher Than Ever in 2011, Check Out These Stats & Cool Uses

    Jack Dorsey, from Twitter, read the questions to Obama, and, interestingly enough, only used 1/18th of his chair. Whether it's simply a case of celebrating the fifth anniversary since the launch of Twttr this month, or increased pressure to compete...