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  1. Consumers Head Online for Local Business Information

    Print yellow pages (PYP) usage may be down, but Internet yellow pages (IYP) usage is up, possibly from loyal PYP users migrating online. Google Maps usage grew from 15 percent market share in the fourth quarter of 2008 to the number one local...

  2. Skype Dials in to Local Search

    In other words, this extends the reach of Internet yellow pages (IYP) to include Google results, where lots of local search is happening (about 11 percent of Google's 8.5 billion monthly searches according to The Kelsey Group).

  3. Local Search Tactics for Tough Economic Times

    Unlike other media sources, IYP users don't scour these resources for rich robust content. Internet Yellow Pages: With highly desirable conversion rates, advertisers want to ensure Internet yellow pages (IYP) are maximized from a sales lead...

  4. User Ratings and Reviews: Join the Conversation

    A new breed of Internet yellow pages (IYP) sites, who's primary business model is focused on ratings and reviews, has transformed this information from anonymously provided information to focus on the social aspects and community formed around...

  5. Winning the Local Search Battle

    In a slightly different tactic, Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL continue to leverage their distribution arrangements with Internet yellow pages (IYP) partners to yield local search volume. Of the stand-alone IYP providers, recent usage figures from...

  6. Kelsey Group Predicts Growth in Interactive, Directional Ads

    Directional advertising, which comprises local search, print Yellow Pages and Internet Yellow Pages (IYP), is forecasted to grow from $33.3 billion in 2007 to $41.4 billion globally in 2012, a 4.5 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR).