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  1. How Vine Has Changed the Video Landscape in Just 12 Months

    Vine is also one of the top 40 free apps on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Vine recently celebrated its first birthday. The day before, the Vine team said on the Vine Blog: When we launched Vine on January 24, 2013, we didn't know what...

  2. SEO in the Age of Apps: Diversifying Your Mobile SEO Strategy

    Google Play, iTunes), according to comScore. Business details such as phone numbers, store hours, payment options, and video are especially relevant to mobile users. Much like Google+Local, locally oriented content such as store hours, photos, and...

  3. Holiday Season Search Trends of Top U.S. Retail Brands

    Apple, on the other hand, doesn't bid on their own keyword but rather focuses on certain aspects of what they provide to the consumer such as “itunes”, “ipad”, “icloud”, and “siri”, directing users to varied areas of their website.