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Italian Food

  1. Reality Check: Google Isn't 'Killing' Organic Search

    Reviews, a map and local listings seem fitting for a local-intent search like "Italian food". Search for 'Italian Food. Being annoyed with Google is every marketer's and site owner's God-given right. But when people report about the changing face...

  2. Don’t Be A Wallflower! 3 Fundamentals Of Data Driven Community Outreach

    This holds true whether in English, German or Italian. It’s hard to get a hot dancing date, sitting at home alone, eating leftover Super Bowl food and watching “The Voice. In social media as in life, one must get off one’s butt and venture out into...

  3. Yellow Pages and Search

    A user has no idea whether the pizza place found in results is an Italian restaurant or a walk-in/delivery place. Dim Sum" means Chinese food to millions of users but doesn't mean anything to a traditional yellow pages search.