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  1. Google Product Search Insights: The Impact of UPCs on Customer Conversions

    Books need an ISBN (Either ISBN-10 or ISBN-13. Google Product Search has recently released new Unique Product Identifier (UPI) requirements in June and new data feed requirements as of July 11. The new requirements are an attempt by Google to self...

  2. Get It Right Now by Reading "Do It Wrong Quickly"

    Mike Moran's Do It Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules (ISBN-13: 9780132255967) recently published by IBM Press is a must read for search marketers wanting to play larger more challenging roles in the organizations they work...

  3. The Search Engine Report - Number 117

    See also: Releases ISBN Number Smart Answers. =================== In This Issue =================== Departing From Search Engine Watch + Upcoming Search Engine Strategies Events + Top Stories + More From The Search Engine Watch Blog + Daily...

  4. Association of American Publishers Sues Google over Library Digitization Plan

    The release also mentions that the AAP proposed a method using ISBN (International Standard Book Numbers) to help identify works under copyright (at least since 1967) and then get permission from publishers and authors to scan these works.

  5. The Business of Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing, Mike Moran and Bill Hunt IBM Press, $49.99 ISBN: 0-13-185292-2 Most search marketing books I've seen to date are highly tactical tomes, filled with advice on methods, approaches and techniques for achieving search...

  6. More Publishing Trade Groups Weigh In On Changes to Google's Library Scanning Project

    s proposal to stop the digitisation program until 1 November, up to which date publishers may exclude their works by supplying full bibliographic details including ISBN/ISSN (a major undertaking), to offer an acceptable solution.