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  1. Obama vs. Romney: Search for Next President Reveals Astonishing Facts

    Negative media attention is also present for Mitt Romney, as a single ride on the roof of the car for his Irish Setter Seamus almost 30 years ago receives more attention than any of his law initiatives as an elected official.

  2. Google April Fools' Day Pranks 2012: 8-Bit Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode & More!

    Google Fiber starts with 100 times more fiber than any source of fiber available today. This smarter fiber delivers just what the body needs to sustain activity, energy and productivity up to 100 times more than you have experienced before.

  3. Google Reviews Japanese Court Order Demanding Removal of Autocomplete Terms

    The man’s lawyer, Hiroyuki Tomita, told Japan Times his client “decided to seek a court injunction after learning the autocomplete feature likely played a role in the sudden loss of his job several years ago and caused several companies to...