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  1. New social media index includes fast-entry IPO rule

    The projection tracked the stocks according to the index's rules and includes any IPOs that would have met the criteria to be brought in under exceptional circumstances. Solactive Titans index offers exposure to high-cap social media stocks

  2. Putting Search in Focus: Trends to Watch in 2013

    Start-ups, mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, shake ups, break ups and make-ups - but one group of industry leaders banded together under a single label: BlueGlass. The past few years chalked up many changes in the search marketing and social media world.

  3. Analyzing Search Engines as Invesments

    Rashtchy believes that any public offering from Google will rank as one of the biggest IPOs ever. High-tech investment analysts share a glimpse of the techniques they see to value publicly traded search firms, and which companies appear to be...