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Ip Range

  1. Advanced Search Operator Tactics

    Also, keep in mind that IP cannot be used with this command. IP: Definition: This command returns originating results from websites or subdomains for the provided IP address. Another thing to note about this command is that prefix-matching is also...

  2. 3M on Winning the Second Click with Big Data Appliances at BrightEdge #Share12

    Where possible, we optimize our product recommendations around the IP address of the visitor. For example, a query for a 'flat bed liner' means a different thing to someone from a Ford IP address than it does from a visitor from the trucking industry.

  3. Google Shares 7 Tips With Free Web Hosting Sites to Avoid Penalties

    Keeping track of signups and identifying spam patterns including form completion time, number of requests from the same IP address range, user-agents used during signup, and user names. Google is constantly on the lookout for spammy websites that...

  4. The Bitter Harvest: The Redzone Saga Continues (Linden Lab Has a Problem on Its Hands)

    But as I mentioned last week, the system is critically flawed due to how it matches people via IP. He believes that these issues are at worst, irrelevant (in the case say of an entire internet cafe, or a dorm being banned) and a feature at best (as...

  5. SEO Issues with Global Expansion

    Each country has been assigned IP ranges. Another extremely important note: if you move a domain from one IP to another, you'll likely reset "filters" that may throw your site out of the index for a period of time.

  6. When Top Keywords Suddenly Vanish

    One major factor that can have devastating instant effects is moving to a new IP address range outside of the country's normal range. Has the CEO of your company ever freaked out after a few keywords suddenly vanished, convinced the business will...

  7. Global SEO Strategy: Advanced Search for Large Enterprises

    If a domain doesn't live in the U.S.the only other way a search engine can provide a local stamp is the IP address location of each site. Another issue that can drive your site into the floor: returning "server not available" messages such as "500...