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Invite Only Invites

  1. Google to Send Out 100,000 Wave Invites

    Those who can expect an invite are developers who participated in an earlier preview, the first people to sign up for invites and select Google Apps customers. Beginning tomorrow (September 30), Google will send out 100,000 invites to Google Wave.

  2. Breakfast Conflict

    There's plenty of invites from "off-the-show-floor" events coming in from various companies wanting to make more of an impression than a booth visit at next week's AdTech. The latest invite arrived late Friday afternoon.

  3. Gmail Sending Direct Invites

    However, I also signed up as if I didn't have one to see how long it took for others without some type of connection to get an invite. Like some others, I was surprised to get an email notice from Google last week telling me I could have a Gmail...