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  1. Google to Fight Piracy by Modifying Search Algorithms

    These results show in the U.S.only, but we plan to continue investing in this area and to expand it internationally. Google has updated its search engine algorithms in an attempt to restrict piracy websites appearing high in its search rankings.

  2. 3 Must-Know Findings About Cross-Channel Attribution

    Without this purview, search marketers could be under-investing in channels that are actually positively influencing search performance. While there have been technological advancements that enable more sophisticated multi-touch attribution models...

  3. Is Google’s Knowledge Vault Smarter Than Siri and Cortana?

    All three parties will keep investing in this type of technology, but the cold hard facts are that Google is progressing the fastest on all fronts," says the study. In a head-to-head battle between Google Now, Apple's Siri and Bing's Cortana...

  4. "Content Performance Marketing" – 3 Steps to Future Success

    These are the types of questions that need answering before investing more time and effort into content – otherwise, we’re just content marketing, and not focusing on performance. However, the path we’ve been on is coming to an end.

  5. Don’t Forget to Invest in Content (Not Just “Content Marketing”)

    By investing in content, you set your site up for success by writing stronger, emotion-backed calls to action; by removing conversion roadblocks like excess links or images that distract; by naming buttons, tabs and fields appropriately; by...

  6. Why Retailers Should Start Their Pay-Per-Click Christmas Campaigns Now

    Generally, the Christmas gift search term drops off considerably around the Christmas period itself, despite other related terms (such as Christmas jumper) peaking at this point - and this certainly confirms why you should have already begun...

  7. 5 Key Takeaways From a Successful Social Media Campaign Built on Human Connection

    Limited time or resources have them talking at audiences as masses instead of investing in building relationships, one by one. As technology advances, the distance between a brand and its customers has grown.

  8. Retailers Outspend Luxury Brands on Luxury Keywords in Paid Search [Report]

    Which brands are investing the most in paid search for luxury apparel? In the battle for luxury shoppers, top retailers in 2013 outspent top luxury brands on Google AdWords paid search ads in four of five categories: apparel, beauty and cosmetics...

  9. SEM the Most Effective Acquisition Channel for 85% of Retailers [Survey]

    The announcement said retailers were investing more in organic this year than last, among other tactics like affiliate programs and remarketing. A study by and Forrester Research shows 85 percent of retailers surveyed said search marketing...