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Inventory Cpms

  1. Yahoo Wants Women Now

    Just like iVillage, Glam and others, Yahoo knows that getting inventory in home, garden, health and other categories can translate into higher effective CPMs. At launch, the ad inventory seems limited to Crest Whitestrip banners.

  2. Video Ads Are Small Potatoes

    Publishers with good video content will luck out, and be able to sell at high CPMs. In the short term, there's limited inventory. Total video ad revenues are supposed to reach $775 million this year or 4% of all online advertising.

  3. Targeting Search Ads By Demographics & Behavior

    On the majority of the sites where people spend the "other" 95% of their online time, ads are sold for very low CPMs. Publishers get a higher yield on their search and impression inventory. The days of targeting searchers only via keywords are...