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Invasion Privacy

  1. 5 Fast Facts about the EU's Privacy Ruling on Google

    While the U.S.has a heightened sense of privacy invasion as a result of last year's NSA leaks by Edward Snowden, there is still a strong objection to anything that appears to be censorship. On May 13, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the...

  2. Facebook-Datalogix Partnership to Track Offline Purchases by 100 Million+ Households

    Concern over these cards spurred the creation of advocacy group Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (C.A.S.P.I.A.N.which argues that grocery stores falsely inflate prices for those not participating in the programs and...

  3. Google Won't Erase Links to Max Mosley Hooker Orgy Stories, So He Sues

    Courts seem to have ruled that it was an invasion of privacy and actions can be taken by you and your team to have images removed from offending websites. In his epic battle for privacy for rich and famous people, Max Mosley has taken aim at a new...

  4. Google vs. the World: A Week of Conflicts, Disputes, and Lawsuits

    Last week, Google was accused of a "gross invasion of privacy" and threatened with big fines. From squabbles with the travel industry, to suing the U.S.government, and various privacy disputes overseas, here's a recap of some noteworthy conflicts...

  5. The Future of Search: A One-Act Play in Three Acts (Act Two)

    So that's the present: riding that line between downright aggressive invasion of privacy and maintaining security of what you've been given trusted access to. Consumer/user privacy concerns are no joke, as Google and Facebook well know.

  6. SearchDay | Setting up PPC Campaigns 101

    Others see it as a gross invasion of privacy. Today's Top Story: RonJones Setting up PPC Campaigns 101, Part 1 SEW EXPERTS: SEM 101 Are you starting a pay-per-click search advertising campaign and want to get everything set up for optimal efficiency?

  7. Complaints Over Wikipedia Accountability With Bios

    In Florida, where Wikipedia is located, there is an invasion of privacy statute that might apply in this case, even assuming that everything in the article is true. Unfortunately, the laws on privacy are less clear, and discussions on privacy...