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  1. Google Catalogs Annotations: How to Enrich the Consumer Experience & Track Results

    Does your brand support a cause, have an internship program, buy raw materials from sustainable sources? They are rich media repositories that you can use to extend the story that you are telling your audience through your catalog.

  2. Hollywood Stars Visit Googleplex to Shoot Scenes for ‘The Internship’ Movie

    Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and crew visited the Googleplex in Mountain View this week to shoot external scenes for upcoming film “The Internship. Vaughn described the plot of the movie earlier in the summer: “I'm working with Owen Wilson on a movie...

  3. Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson Star as Google Interns in New Movie

    Vaughn described the plot to the Huffington Post last week “I'm working with Owen Wilson on a movie called "The Internship" where Owen and I lose our jobs and become interns at Google. Reports peg John Goodman as the alpha boss character, with...

  4. 6 #Winning Strategies @CharlieSheen Used To Get 2.2 Million #Tigerblood Followers

    If a #winning internship seems like the role for you, then you might want to look at what engagement factors fueled his record breaking follower count. With Sheen's recent termination at Warner Brothers, he created an internship listing to manage...