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Internet Yellow Local Search Guide

  1. Local Search Tactics for Tough Economic Times

    For national or regional advertiser looking to incorporate local SEM into your mix, check out this local search "how to" guide. Internet Yellow Pages: With highly desirable conversion rates, advertisers want to ensure Internet yellow pages (IYP...

  2. Local Search: Where's the Love?

    Here, the traditional strengths of video (entertaining, informative, colorful, etc.marry the direct response and targeting capabilities of the Internet -- especially when joined with information-rich Internet yellow pages or city guide listings.

  3. SearchDay: Awesome Ad Groups: Small is Good

    It seemed to have about the same link authority as other sites such as mauritius-guide or mauritius-info etc. The number of devices and locations for local search will continue to grow as more things become connected to the Internet.

  4. SearchDay: What's on your Mind?

    Google Lively: Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started Posted by Kevin Heisler Jul 9, 2008 Second Life, get a life. Anything that you'd traditionally look for in the print yellow pages becomes a local search on the Internet.

  5. YPA Adds Mobile to Local Search Guide

    The Local Search Guide provides information on Internet Yellow Pages, search engines, search tools, vertical directories, and now profiles local mobile tools including voice-based search and free directory assistance providers.

  6. Comparing Web Analytics Packages

    Why You Should Embrace the New Social Media News Release, Search Engine Guide Videos: Internet Law with John W. No, Junior, You Can't Be Our SEO Team Leader (Yet), Search Engine Land Search Headlines He revealed some of the findings in the final...