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  1. Video Search Is a False Messiah

    At the Summit, the room was filled with web video search insiders, including Blinx, CastTV, ClipBlast, Dabble, Everyzing, Pixsy, and Truveo/AOL. "Video search is a false messiah," claimed Steven Chao at this week's Video Search Summit in San...

  2. ClickSurge's New Content Widget To Monetize Traffic Adds Pixsy Image Search

    Pixsy provides web publishers with a platform for Internet users to search photo and video archives on their websites, a functionality many of the largest media companies are lacking," said Chase Norlin, CEO of Pixsy Corporation.

  3. Is Google News the Tail Wagging the News Search Dog?

    Pixsy Launches Ad-Supported Oscar Search Site, ClickZ According to Glaser, "Google News has had so much more media attention than Yahoo News and MSN and AOL News because it is attached to the 900-pound monster of search and all things Internet...