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Internet Television White Spaces

  1. SearchDay | 7 Social Media Predictions for 2009

    FCC Takes White Spaces Initiative Global Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 12, 2009 Now that the FCC has unanimously agreed to use white spaces for unlicensed use in the United States, they're expanding the campaign to an international initiative.

  2. FCC Passed "White Space" What Does It Mean

    TV white spaces will increase accessibility to more reliable broadband networks, known as "mesh networks. The FCC agreed to open the "white space" - the broadcast spectrum used by over the air television - to use by others apart from the regulated...

  3. SearchDay | Obama is Winning the Internet War

    FCC Chairman Kevin Martin in Favor of Freeing Up White Space TV Spectrum Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 16, 2008 FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is in favor of freeing up the "white spaces" in the tv spectrum between television stations.

  4. Larry Page to Keynote White Spaces Advocacy Event in DC

    The event is designed to advocate for white spaces, something Google has been adamant about for a long time. If you're unaware, white spaces are a unused airwaves between TV stations. Opponents say that it will interfere with the television signals.

  5. The Search Engine Report - August 5, 1997 Number 9

    For example, spaces are not used to separate words in written Japanese. The articles below discuss the move to television in more depth. Infoseek is planning to run television commercials in the fall, which would have it joining Yahoo, Excite and...