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  1. Google vs. the World: A Week of Conflicts, Disputes, and Lawsuits

    The company says that the lower court should have been swayed by its evidence that searchers were confused by AdWords, and alleges that some of the advertisers paying for sponsored links keyed to its trademarks sold counterfeit Rosetta Stone...

  2. Hot Topics, Odd Stories at SES San Francisco and ClickZ Connected Marketing Week

    He'll also share tips on how to be successful advertising in the new combined marketplace -- which should enable advertisers to reach up to 158 million potential customers and 30 percent of searchers in the U.S.according to comScore.

  3. 'Facebook Privacy' Searches Plummet

    Searchers may have moved on. A related trend for "internet privacy" and "email privacy" further illustrates just how users are becoming less interested. Was this all sensationalism driven by the various news and social media channels, or did users...

  4. 2010 Search Predictions: The Experts Weigh In

    The interesting thing for Google has always been that satisfied searchers on organic listings are good for business (more likely to return, more likely to trust the sponsored stuff). It would allow the engines to create "conversion paths" and would...

  5. Why Retailers Should Be Day Trippers to SES Chicago

    Established leaders and experts in vertical search application and execution will discuss the state of the industry, positive and negative experiences, and best practices for answering needs of today's demanding searchers.

  6. SES San Jose 2008: Top 10 Stories

    Satya Nadella, Microsoft's senior VP of search, portal, and advertising platform group, told the crowd that he sees searchers moving from merely typing keywords into Google to getting tasks done. Kevin wrote, “In an afternoon keynote, Lee Siegel...

  7. SES San Jose 2008: Top Stories from Day 2

    Its determination was on display today at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, Satya Nardella, Microsoft's senior VP of search, portal, and advertising platform group, told the crowd that he sees searchers moving from merely typing...

  8. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 24-28, 2008

    Searchers Beginning to See Google Video Ads in Sponsored ListingsIf you look carefully in your next Google search, you might just see a video ad included in the sponsored listings along side your organic results.

  9. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 17-21, 2008

    The effects this will have on searchers, and advertisers, may be a bit disturbing to some. So what happens if Google stops sending searchers to other publishers' sites? Calacanis on SEO, Reduxwe caught up with Jason to ask him about the future of...