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  1. Keynote speakers posted for Search Engine Strategies Chicago

    Or, as my good friend Anne Kennedy, the Managing Partner of Beyond Ink and a member of the SES Advisory Board, says, whether you're a “seasoned search maven or hopeful newbie, you'll find speakers who share expertise, new research, horizon's edge...

  2. Do You Kebberfegg?

    But another, really cool, option for finding RSS feeds is a tool called Kebberfegg, developed by web search maven Tara Calishain. That could include not only blogs but company web sites' press release pages, government web sites' news and contract...

  3. The Search Engine Update, Sept. 16, 2002, Number 133

    Search tools maven Avi Rappoport covers new articles, announcements and reports from the world of web site search software. Company remaps Internet search business The Globe And Mail, Sept.

  4. AltaVista Offers "Shortcuts" to the Invisible Web

    Search tools maven Avi Rappoport will be taking a detailed look at the Google search appliance in an upcoming issue of SearchDay. AltaVista is making it easier for searchers to delve into reaches of the Invisible web, providing "shortcuts" that...