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  1. The Revolution Will Be Streamed -- Operation Payback: Protest or War?

    Though in Twitter's case, it was saved because it's the only communication device -- much like you wouldn't take down your underground radio station in World War II Germany. I have it running in the background much like you have a television or...

  2. One Man's Keywords are Another Man's List of Forbidden 'Newsspeak' Words and Phrases

    Feder reported that Tribune Company CEO Randy Michaels had issued a "list of forbidden 'newsspeak' words and phrases" in a memo to his staff of anchors and reporters on WGN-AM (720), the news/talk radio station in Chicago.

  3. Radio Embraces Search Marketing

    Until recently, radio management considered their station websites as complementary marketing vehicles that supported on-air listeners. The largest radio station groups are very tuned into their online opportunities, with both traffic and ad...

  4. Google is an Optimist. Newspapers are Pessimists.

    For example, imagine pulling up to a gas station in a town you have never been before, go to a Google Kiosk at the pump, enter your Google username and password and get a custom print out of local news, events and entertainment all based on what...

  5. New Players in Travel Search

    Orbitz is on every radio station talking about their TLC campaign, Travelocity has filled our dreams (nightmares? As an economics student in college in the mid-late 90s, the theory of transparency was extremely exciting to me because the internet...