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  1. Avoid SEO Hype: Why Small Businesses Should Focus on Return on Investment

    Local radio advertising: 2 percent Small businesses that are just starting online marketing distrust the newness and complexity of the Internet. As trust with the Internet develops, they will naturally seek a lower cost-per-lead.

  2. Innovate or Die: Where Will SEM (and You) be in 5 Years?

    This current “high” has been found in almost every marketing industry (e.g.newspapers, movies, radio, TV). Let’s create a hypothetical scenario of five years from now – one in which Internet marketing continues picking up steam.

  3. 3 Social Marketing Communication Methods: When & How to Use Them

    New developments in technology allowed marketers to reach millions with a single campaign that involved popular publications along with radio and television advertising and sponsorship. Now in today’s Internet, many-to-many marketing has come of age.