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  1. Daily SearchCast, August 16, 2006: Cut Coupons Via Google Maps; Google Trademark Usage Letters Show Old News Is New News; MattGuy Is GoogleCutts; Why's A Farmer Dating Site Mad At Google & More!

    UC partnered with Microsoft on its project in June. How long does it take the wheel to spin full circle on the internet? That's right, the conversion tracking tool that requires no internet connection, cookies or software has come to

  2. Daily SearchCast, Nov. 22, 2005: Google & Library Of Congress Team On World Digital Library; Google Growth & Growth Issues; Yahoo Gains Famed AltaVista Alumnus Broder; Search Gains In Popularity

    World Digital Library project to digitize important works from around the world, the rival and preexisting Open Content Alliance backed by Yahoo, MSN and the Birth Of the Open Content Alliance, The "Un-Google" Project

  3. Association of American Publishers Sues Google over Library Digitization Plan

    The library project is meant to help feed additional content into Google Print without publishers explicitly cooperating. The lawsuit was filed only after lengthy discussions broke down between AAP and Google's top management regarding the...

  4. Google Print Press Review & Just A Bit About Search Inside the Book

    Jefferson Graham's USA Today article, Google Print project inspires fans, fears, provides a first class and well-written overview that also mentions the new Yahoo/Internet Archive initiative. The Google Print Library Project: A Copyright Analysis...

  5. The Art of Advanced Link Building

    Open Directory Project (ODP) listings do not give a special PageRank boost in Google, but they are a good quality link because of distribution. Similarly, you should always ask reporters for a link to your site within articles that are going to be...

  6. The Search Engine Report - August 5, 1997 Number 9

    This looks to be a completely homegrown project. The Marketplace project was to be run by a joint Yahoo-Visa company, but now Yahoo has exchanged Visa 45% ownership in that company for 466,321 shares of Yahoo common stock, worth $21,245,000.