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  1. The Search Engine Update - Number 170 - April 2, 2004

    Ever wanted to search for something that involved a range of numbers, like any pages mentioning the American Revolution and the dates 1776 through 1779? Rather than being behind an eternity in internet time, Microsoft would be competing just as...

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    Scientific American Dec 24 2002 8:19AM GMT Internet: international news Activists target Pentagon internet information head. Online marketing news Internet Search Engine Database. ONE News Dec 25 2002 3:23PM GMT

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    Scientific American Dec 24 2002 8:19AM GMT Online marketing news Top internet stories Internet villain nominees revealed. Online portals news Online content news Online portals news Online search engines news

  4. Vanishing Act: The U.S. Government's Disappearing Data

    According to the American Library Association, the Department of Energy has removed 9,000 scientific research papers that contain keywords such as "nuclear" or "chemical" and "storage" from national laboratory web sites and is reviewing them to...