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Internet Fraud

  1. Google Pays $17 Million to Settle Apple Safari User Tracking Case

    Google has also agreed not to deploy similar code in future unless necessary to “detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues,” and to improve the information given to users about how it serves adverts to their browsers.

  2. Google Still Taking a Beating Over Max Mosley S&M Party Search Results

    That case was brought about when a plaintiff said defamatory autocomplete results linked him to fraud. Google said in a French court this week that it had removed hundreds of pages for Mosley and stands ready to remove others he identifies, but...

  3. SEMPO Appeals to FTC for Updated Search Engine Disclosure Guidelines

    If the present FTC guidelines on paid placements are being widely flouted, or if certain industry segments – such as vertical search sites – harbor particular practices that mislead consumers, result in fraud, or offer unfair competitive advantage...

  4. 7 Stages of “Do Not Track” Grief: A Survival Guide for Analysts & Online Marketers

    Various legislative committees and governing bodies are interested in protecting the public’s privacy because fraud costs billions a year. There is little over a month to go until Microsoft releases Windows 8 along with their newest embedded...

  5. How to Run Foreign Language PPC Campaigns

    You should also keep an eye out for instances of potential click-fraud. A recent study conducted across the European Union found that more than half of Internet users visited foreign language (usually meaning English) websites.

  6. SOPA, PIPA On Hold, But a New Threat on Horizon

    It is a virtual world where thousands of crimes are carried out every day--including telemarketing fraud, drug trafficking, human trafficking, cyber attacks, and terrorist plots. The Committee will continue work with copyright owners, Internet...

  7. Feds Go All In Against Online Poker Sites, Seize Domains, Issue Warrants

    In addition to the individual charges of bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling, the feds seized five domains and issued restraining orders against 75 bank accounts in 14 countries allegedly used to process payments.